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Terms and Conditions of website and online store




Within the meaning of these terms and conditions of these words and phrases should be understood as follows:

  • Terms and Conditions means the existing Terms and Conditions

  • Supplier – means the company “Hikovi” Ltd, registered in the Commercial Register to the Registry Agency with UIC 203565665

  • Website / Online Store / E-commerce store – means website under this web address: www.hikovi.bg.

  • User – means beneficiaries who visit the online store.

  • User profile – means a separate part of the website containing information about the User provided by him/her within the registration.

  • Goods/Products - means the goods provided by the supplier through the online store.

  • Order - means User’s order of the certain goods including the selected payment method and receipt of goods.

  • Price of the goods - means the price per piece for given quantity specified in Bulgarian lev, including VAT and all taxes and fees. The price does not include the cost for transport and delivery.

  • Delivery price - means the costs of transport and delivery of the goods to the customer, including VAT

  • Value of the Order - means the total cost of the goods including the delivery.



Art. 1 These General Terms and Conditions forth the relations between "HIKOVI" Ltd., UIC 203565665, hereinafter referred to as SUPPLIER and beneficiaries of the online store, located at www.hikovi.bg , hereinafter Users.


Art. 2 These Terms are valid for all Members. By clicking on any link, button or application on the website, except the link pointing to these terms, the user is considered to be informed and agrees to these Terms and Conditions for using the online store. By accepting these Terms, the user gives consent to sign a distance contract within the meaning of the Law on Consumer Protection.




Art. 3 Information about the Supplier according to the Electronic Commerce Act and the Law on Consumer Protection:


Company name: "HIKOVI" Ltd;

Head office (address of registration): ul. "Dimitar Blagoev" 14, Ground floor, Yambol 8600

Contact details:

Phone: 0879 222 220

Email: marketing@hikovi.bg

Registered in the Commercial Register UIC: 203565665;

Registration under the VAT № BG203565665

Number of certified administrator of personal data: ................


Supervisory authorities:

Commission for Protection of Personal Data

Address: ul. "Ivan Evstratiev Geshov" 15, Sofia

tel .: (02) 940 20 46 Fax: (02) 940 36 40

Website: www.cpdp.bg

Commission for Consumer Protection

Address: bul. "Slaveykov" 4A,  3rd floor, 4 and 6, Sofia, 1000

tel .: 02/980 25 24

fax: 02/988 42 18

Toll Free: 0700 111 22

Website: www.kzp.bg


National Revenue Agency

Address: Sofia, ul Aksakov 21, 1000

tel .: 02/9859 3821

Office Vitosha:

Address: Tsar Boris III 215, Sofia, 1000

Tel .: 02/9179124

Website: www.nap.bg


Commission for Protection of Competition

Address: Bulgaria, Vitosha blvd. 18, Sofia, 1000

Hours of filing with external parties: 9-13 pm and 13.30-16 pm

Phone: 02/9356 113

Fax: 02 980 73 15

Email: cpcadmin@cpc.bg

Website: www.cpc.bg




Art. 4. E-commerce store is an e-shop, available at www.hikovi.bg . There are products available on the  website to which the Supplier is a direct importer or a distributor to.


Art. 5. Users can sign contracts for the purchase and delivery of the offered by the online store goods, and to perform the following actions:

  • Freely to view content on the website and offered products

  • Perform a registration and create a profile for the purchase of goods offered by online store.

  • To sign contracts for sale and delivery of products offered by the Supplier in the online store

  • Browse products, their features, prices and terms of delivery


Art. 6. Delivering goods, the supplier guarantee the consumer rights provided by the law, in good faith, accepted practice of consumer or commercial law conditions.




Art. 7. In order to use the online store, the user is not öbligated to perform a registration.


Art. 8. In case the user wish to register, the user should introduce an email and a password for remote access by registering electronically on the website of the Supplier. Upon registration the user is obliged to provide an accurate information. The user should promptly update the data referred to his registration in case of a change. Registration does not necessarily oblige the user of making certain purchases or further action.


Art. 9. Indicated price is for 1 pc / m2 / lm in Levs and include VAT. The price of the product does not include cost of packaging and delivery.


Art. 10. Indicated price and trade discounts apply only when purchasing goods through the online store. Sales apply to all retail outlets of the Supplier.


Art. 11. For individual orders of products that are not available in storage (eg. Boutique collections, sanitary mixers - all products with prices that are available on request), require advance payment - 50% of the contract value.




Art. 12. The client signs a sale contract of goods provided by www.hikovi.bg, through the website. These general conditions are an integral part of any sale contract. According to the purchase contract with the clients :

  • The Supplier is obliged to deliver and transfer the ownership of ordered goods to the User.

  • User shall pay to the supplier the cost of the delivered goods on a timely manner according to these Terms and Conditions.

  • The supplier deliver goods ordered by the Customer within the deadlines set by these general Conditions.


Art. 13. The user and the Supplier agree that all statements between them in relation to the conclusion and implementation of the sale contract may be carried out electronically through electronic statements within the meaning of the Electronic Document and Electronic Signature and art. 11 of the Law on Electronic Commerce. It is assumed that electronic statements are made by users who has already provided their own contact details in the course of registration.


Art. 14. Order can be performed from different sections of the website where there’s an order form. Detailed information of the products contain short and detailed description, origin, recent photo and a price.


Art. 15. Upon the order, the user should identify the key parameters according to the given in the website options: pcs, m2, delivery, color, pattern and ect. The user must indicate address, phone and e-mail for order confirmation. The Supplier is not obligated to proceed with the order if the mandatory fields for feedback are completed with false, incorrect or inaccurate information.


Art. 16. The user acknowledges to express his consent to the order made and confirm all the details for it after an employee of the Supplier contact him by phone or e-mail.


Art. 17. By clicking the "Order" button on the Supplier’s website, the user performs an action that is volition, binding him with a sale contract.


Art. 18. The contract should be valid from the moment the user make payment on it. The supplier shall deliver the goods / services provided after a payment of the full amount of the price has been made within the given period and in compliance with these terms and conditions.


Art. 19. A product specification is included to the Contract with the following description: type of product / service, individual activities related to the performance of the service, quantity; price per unit, total cost and ect.




Art. 20. The Supplier is obliged to deliver the order to an address specified by the User /by courier/ or to showroom / warehouse of the Supplier. If the user (or person authorized by him) is not found and can not be reached on the phone at the time and place of the delivery, the order will be returned to the nearest office of the courier until the consumer submit a request.


Art. 21. Delivery cost is at the expense of the consumer and it varies according to the weight of the goods.Calculated delivery prices apply for orders delivered in the geographical territory of Bulgaria. If you wish to deliver goods abroad, please get in touch with us for more information.


Art. 22. If the user designates another person to accept the package on his/her behalf subsequently the user who committed the original contract has no right of an objection to the delivery and to demand its return.


Art. 23. The Supplier is not responsible for a delay of the delivery that it is due to the courier or another provider.




Art. 24. Upon receiving of the goods the buyer shall immediately examine them. If an evident shortcomings are found, the lack of some of accompanying accessories and / or any of the required documents by the Bulgarian legislation, the customer should immediately inform the courier and the Supplier. Failing this, the property is deemed to be approved and the buyer and he/she loses the right to claim that the product is delivered with obvious defects on a later stage.


Art. 25. Upon detection of visible defects - if any damage has been found during delivery, the user must sign a protocol for damages in the presence of a courier describing identified defects and shall immediately notify the Supplier. Courier costs for the return of defective or damaged goods are paid by the Supplier. The full terms of delivery can be found HERE.




Art. 26. Every customer of the ecommerce store /having a quality as a user according to the Law on Consumer Protection/ has the right to give up on the contract within 14 working days considering from the date of receipt of goods without a compensation or penalty and without giving any reason. Within this period, user must store received from the Supplier goods, ensuring their quality and safety.


Art. 27. The right of withdrawal pursuant to Art. 26 could be exercised only if the products are in their original packaging and appearance.


Art. 28. The right of withdrawal pursuant according to the Art. 26 of these terms and conditions can be made after a prior notice. The User must contact the Supplier by phone 0879 222 220 or email marketing@hikovi.bg in the statutory deadline. After being informed of the intentions of the User, the Supplier should send the User a notice for return of goods in which user should fill in IBAN number to assist the Supplier to pay back the full amount of the order. The user could complete the form and send it to marketing@hikovi.bg, although this is not mandatory.


Art. 29. The user who exercises his right of withdrawal contract from a distance of art. 26 must sent or deliver the goods back to the retailer or the person authorized by him without undue delay within 14 days considering from the date on which the consumer has informed the Supplier about his/her decision under Art. 28.


Art. 30. The user who take advantage of his right of withdrawal contarct from distance of art. 26 is obligated to pay the costs associated with returning the goods to the Supplier, this include the cost of the courier services as well.


Art. 31. If the user take advantage of his right under Art. 26 The Supplier shall refund him the full amount of the order via bank transfer /Art. 28/ to his bank account within 14 days. The Supplier may delay the payment until receiving of goods back or until there are evidence that the goods are sent back.




Art. 32. By accepting the Terms and Conditions Users agree that the Supplier and its employees have access to the information submitted during the profile registration and ordering of goods.


Art. 33. The Supplier is a registered data administrator according to the Bulgarian legislation and ensures the protection of each user under the Law on Protection of Personal Data and related regulations. By accepting the Terms and Conditions, Users agree that the supplier can process personal data provided for the purposes of technical maintainance of e-commerce store and its database to contact the User, management of orders, deliveries and any other activities related with the obligations of the Supplier and users, and to measure the effectiveness of services, advertising, marketing and market research, pricing policy; sending promotional offers and materials, product information and other information by mail, phone or e-mail, and other commercial messages.


Art. 34. By accepting the terms and conditions, the User agree that in relation to the processing of personal data referred to in Art. 33 goals, the supplier can provide these data to third parties which are part of the ordering process or have other relations in connection to their activities - courier and shipping companies and ect.


Art. 35. Pursuant to Art. 34a of the Law on Protection of Personal Data, Users can object to the use of personal data disclosure to third parties and use them on behalf of those objectives. Consumers have the right to object to the processing of their personal data for direct marketing purposes by sending written notice to the Contractor using the contact details listed in the Online store.


Art. 36. At any time, the user can unsubscribe from receiving information about products, campaigns, promotions etc. by contacting the supplier and sending an e-mail to marketing@hikovi.bg


Art. 37. At any moment the supplier may require from the user to identify him/herself and verify the authenticity of any information provided during regsitration circumstances and personal data.


Art. 38 The Supplier can use technologies to collect certain technical information such as IP address, user location, browser. The Supplier may use cookies (cookies) in the Electronic store. Thus the Supplier can see which parts of the site user has visited, to measure the effectiveness of the advertising campaigns to improve the design and structure of the Electronic store.


Art. 39. At any time may the user prohibit the use of cookies, by selecting the appropriate settings in the browser.




Art. 40. The provider has the right to change the terms and conditions at any time and after each update publish the date of the last update. Unless otherwise stated, these changes take effect immediately and are valid for all Members and Customers.


Art. 41. A duty of the user is to become familiar with the current terms and conditions of the website.


Art. 42. Changes to these terms and conditions do not affect the contractual relationship between the Supplier and the Customer arised before the change.




Art. 43. The Supplier is not responsible for possible deficiencies related to the timeliness of information in online store. Supplier is not responsible for the consequences, including any damages arising from or connected in any way to the access or usage of the website. Supplier is not responsible for the integrity of information online from computer viruses or other threats. Exposed online information is in accordance with the current legislation, its usage is voluntary and on their own initiative.


Art. 44. In case there are technical errors within the information published on the website, as result of which the order can not be executed, the Supplier has the right to refuse completion of the order with an obligation to recover the amount paid and / or deposited by the user for the canceling the order, if any.


Art. 45. The supplier is not responsible for the completeness, validity and nature of the information contained within the websites that have links to hikovi.bg (hyperlinks)


Art. 46. The supplier is not responsible for any damages caused the user when using the services on the website.


Art. 47. The supplier is not responsible for the sudden depletion of available stocks.


Art. 48. The supplier is not responsible for inaccuracies within the information for the goods which is provided by the manufacturer.


Art. 49. The supplier is not responsible for delay or default on duties for reasons beyond the company's control.


Art. 50. The supplier is obliged to respect the user agreements with proper care.




Art. 51. Users can take advantage of free resources on the site except for the restrictions described in these terms and conditions or other valid restrictions.


Art. 52. At any time and without notification, the supplier has the right to terminate User's access to the website if user is violating these terms and conditions. Supplier is not responsible for any damages or losses occurred in relation to the suspension of access to online store.


Art. 53. Displayed colors of each product in the online store depends on the monitor settings or user's device.


Art. 54. The information and pictures are subject to copyright of the Supplier. Downloading or printing the website pages is permitted in case it does not violate the Copyright Law and its related rights (CRRA). Site users may not copy, distribute or use texts, images or other part of the site without explicit permission from Supplier.


Art. 55. Users of the website can not perform acts that violate generally established rules of communication, to perform harmful actions, dissemination of viruses and others, damaging or violating the rights or interests of third parties.

Users may not malicious to carry out orders on behalf of another person without, his consent. Users are prohibited distribute through the website pornographic materials, pictures or other materials with foreign copyright, drawings, signs, etc., or other subject of foreign intellectual property appeals for forcible change of civic and public policy, illegally acquired information or such harming property or moral rights or interests of third parties.


Art. 56. The possible invalidation of any provision of these terms and conditions shall not invalidate the remaining ones.


Art. 57. For all unregulated matters in these general terms apply existing legislation in Bulgaria. For all disputes in interpreting these terms and conditions, both parties shall strive to resolve by agreement, and if this is not possible disputes should be referred to the relevant authorities.


Art. 58 At any time the Supplier reserves the right to change the prices listed on the website without obligation to notify users in advance. User is obliged to pay the price that was indicated on site during performance of the contract, whether the price is lower or higher than the updated one.


Art. 59. In case that the ordered 3D project has put off - the amount paid for its preparation in advance is not refundable to the customer.


Art. 60. The period for the delivery of goods ordered by order may be extended on public holidays and / or off-days by the non-working days. In all cases a delay is possible within the specified delivery times for which you will be notified in due time by our associate.


Art. 61. All promotional prices and discounts are valid until the availability is exhausted.


Art. 62. Goods declared to be on customer's request with prices or delivery times upon request are usually ordered to a producer on a specific purchase order and require an advance payment of 50-100% of the announced price.


Art. 63. The consumer has the right to keep his order in stock of the Supplier for a period of 1 calendar month. In case of delay, the user has the right to extend this period by asking for it by contacting Hikovi Online Consultant at 0879 222220 or email marketing@hikovi.bg. For the retention of a shipment by the Provider for a period longer than 1 calendar month, a "Warehouse" is charged, which is worth 5 BGN per day.


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